Million-Dollar Smile

Straighten and whiten your teeth for 65% less with custom-designed clear aligners.

Cost breakdown
How it adds up to just ‎€799
  • Impressions or 3-D scan

    You'll use our kit to create impressions of your teeth or come for a 3-D scan.

    Get a scan
  • Orthodontists assess your case

    Orthodontists will assess you for clear aligner treatment. If they determine SmileClub isn't right for you, we'll refund you the full amount of the kit, it's risk-free!

  • Receive your 3-D SMILEFIE™

    Once you approve your treatment plan, you can get started by purchasing treatment. You'll have a choice to pay upfront or in monthly installments.

  • Purchase your clear aligners
    from €799

    Our techs will design a custom treatment just for you. You'll receive a 3-D preview of your teeth and watch them move into place step-by-step.

  • Get your first set of retainers

    When you're done with treatment, your first set of retainers are free!

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Get individualized treatment, without needless costs
SmileClub changed orthodontics to bring you custom-designed clear aligners that match your budget as well as your lifestyle. The Million-dollar smile, without the million.
€799 €3500 Traditional
  • Invisible aligners
  • Premium whitening
  • Free retainers
  • Upper & Lower
  • Invisible aligners
  • Premium whitening
  • Free retainers
  • Upper & Lower
  • Invisible aligners
  • Premium whitening
  • Free retainers
  • Upper & Lower
& Answers
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). For most countries we accept popular local payment options and monthly installment plans. Or slice it in monthly installments by Klarna.
Do you take insurance?
In most countries our treatments are not covered by your insurance.
Is my evaluation process refundable?
Our clear aligners may not be right for everyone. That's why we'll refund your purchase if it's determined you aren't a suitable candidate.
Get Set, Go, Smile!